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The Spookiest Hotels to Spend Your Halloween
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Halloween is just round the corner. What do you have in mind? Why not do something a bit different than the rest this Halloween? Instead of getting some cheap thrills at haunted mansions that look so obviously fake, why not get a taste of the real deal? Check out some of the spookiest hotels the world that claim to be haunted by real ghosts. Well, as real as anything can be after it is dead, that is!

Historic Farnsworth House Inn (Gettysburg, Pennsylvania)

farnsworth house inn The Spookiest Hotels to Spend Your Halloween

When you have an entire town steeped in the violent history of the Civil War things start getting interesting. Add to that a 19th century building riddled with more than a hundred bullet hills turned into an inn, you can be sure its reputation is going to spread far and wide. This inn is among the most haunted lodgings in the country and spirit of dead soldiers who lost their lives in the Gettysburg battle are said to roam freely around the property. The inn conducts ghost tours that take you around the little town but begin from the Mourning Theater in the basement. Halloween could barely get more interesting than this.
Price: from $145/night

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